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Why be a Volunteer or Member for Wings of Hope?

Because we NEED your support!
One of the things that makes Wings of Hope unique is that you can live far away and still volunteer with us. We have volunteer opportunities that simply require internet access, a telephone and a desire to help.

You donít have to be a highly skilled professional or have many years experience. There are places here for everyone and all that is required is a willingness to learn.

Volunteer/Member support is the foundation of our organization and dues are a major source of funding for WOH-NJ and aid us in our efforts to re-home animals. Without your generous support, we would cease to exist. As a volunteer and/or member, you will receive a subscription to our quarterly newsletter with all the latest happenings of our organization. It is your key to staying in touch with us!

Each newsletter will include a report of adoptions and success stories that will warm your heart. You will get to know various volunteers and become familiar with all the aspects of Wings of Hope. Readers will be advised of educational and volunteer opportunities in their area so that they might come out to participate. Join us today!

At WOH-NJ, there is never a job shortage -- even if you have only a small amount of time to devote each month.

WOH-NJ also prides itself on providing excellent support for our volunteers. This includes giving each volunteer access to a detailed Volunteer Manual that they are able to print themselves and also access to our "volunteer-only" Volunteer Website.

Following are some examples of the kind
of things you can do to help:
Fundraising: Create and/or participate in actitivies to raise the funds that pay WOH's bills (things like insurance, vet bills, and medical testing to name just a few). These activities include product sales, garage sales, auctions, membership drives, events, and anything else we can think of to raise money for our organization. Fundraising is ongoing, but volunteer participation varies from long range planning to single day staffing.

Transportation: Transport animals from surrendering owners, shelters, vet offices, etc., to the appropriate WOH destination, such as a WOH foster home. WOH always needs lots of transportation volunteers on hand because we never know when we'll need them -- or where they will need to go.

Interviewing: Work in conjunction with other WOH volunteers to interview prospective adoptive families to see if they will provide the right environment for our animals.

Pre & Post Adoption Home Visits: Visit and interview prospective foster and adoptive families to see if they will provide the right environment for our animals.

Shows/Events: Source, organize and staff WOH booths at community and dog events, where WOH volunteers distribute rescue literature, answer questions about WOH, and promote adoption and responsible pet ownership.

Fostering: Open your heart and home to an animal in need and provide daily care and love until a suitable adoptive family is found. This is one of the MOST important areas of our organization, and we always need lots of foster homes.

Covering the Hotline: Retrieve messages on a daily basis off our hotline and respond as needed. Hotline rotations last one week, and each hotline volunteer typically does one rotation every 3 to 4 months. But, this can vary depending on how many volunteers we have that are taking turns doing this. ;0)

Intake: Intake is a very hands on part of our organization and also the most consistently time intensive. Each animal entering our program has an intake volunteer assigned who tracks and supervises what happens to the animal from evaluation through foster or adoptive placement. This is a job that requires steadfastness, diplomacy, and hands on knowledge about animals.

Shelters: Visit shelters, develop rapport with shelter staff, and act as a liaison when an animal in a shelter needs WOH assistance.

We welcome all "volunteers".
(Our rescue organization is made up of people who like you, take time from their busy schedules to help those animals in need. We are  centralized in NJ ...but if you are anywhere from Maine to Florida we'd love to have you volunteer with us!!!

Our rescue organization is made up of people who like you, take time from their busy schedules to help those animals in need. We are centralized in NJ but have now expanded to NC....so if you are in PA, DE, NY, NC or anywhere in between, we'd love to have you volunteer with us!!!)

You may fill out our Wings of Hope NJ General Member and Volunteer Application Online Form, or if you're interested in becoming a Foster Home ONLY, please fill out the Foster Home online form  if you'd like you may print one and mail or fax it to us.
On behalf of everyone at WOH-NJ, thanks for learning more about volunteering with us!