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In Loving Memory of Millie
Millie was almost 7 years old when she passed. She was a female adult Umbrella Cockatoo who has been very loved and well cared for all of her life.

She loved and wanted love and was very hand-tame. She was a “Special Needs” bird because she had a chronic prolapsing vent. She had undergone several surgeries and hormonal (Lupron) therapies, but nothing had cured her prolapsing vent. She needed periodic care for this condition and also needed careful and regular cleaning of her vent area.

She was very gentle and sweet, was very good with children, did not bite, was not aggressive, and she even knew a trick - she danced on command.

Her favorite fruits were bananas and apples.

She came to Wings of Hope when her owners life changed and her owner wanted more for Millie.

On Thursday, April 26th, 2007, Millie was having a surgical procedure called a cloacalpexy to fix her cloacal prolapse. None of the other procedures had worked for her and a very special board certified avian veterinarian, who was located with the help of one of WOH's volunteers, Millie was given this chance at a normal life. Unfortunately, she passed nearing the very end of her procedure. A gross necropsy was done and tissue samples are also being sent out for histopathology to try to determine more about what caused her death.