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About Us

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Jannet Quackenbush-King is one of the Co-Founders of Wings of Hope-NJ. Jannet is a nurse and mom of two children, Brenden and Morgyn. She has been a volunteer with Golden Retriever Rescue since 1999.  . She is also a Court appointed advocate for abused and neglected children. She has owned birds on and off for many years. Her first bird was a cockatiel named "Scootch" that she received for her 16th birthday. She was doing avian rescue for a few years before she and Leesa decided to begin their own group in 2000, as there were no other groups central to New Jersey.
She is owned by FIDS: Congo African Grey's "Grey and "PeeWee".  She also has 4  cats named "Whiskers" ,"Figment", "Pumpkin" and "Nemo", and 3 dogs named "Snert", "Shiloh" and "Bailey",and some fish.

You may contact her at Jannet@wingsofhope-nj.com.

Read a special message from the Founder and President Jannet Quackenbush-King.

Leesa Jenkins is the Co-Founder of Wings of Hope. She is a nurse and mom to 6 boys: Dean, Travis, Jesse, Hayden, Corey, and Aaron. She has been involved in animal rescue since 1990. She has also been involved with a local wildlife sanctuary for rehab and release. She also volunteers her time supporting High Risk pregnancy moms while they go through their pregnancies. She is owned by Fids: A blue and gold macaw named "Jazzmin". She is also the permanent foster home for "Sydney", a Sulphur Cockatoo who is a member of WOH-NJ's Sanctuary program.
You may contact her at Leesa@wingsofhope-nj.com.

Read a special message from the Co-Founder and past Vice President, Theresa Jenkins