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Adoption Fees
Adoption fees are charged for birds being adopted. You may wonder why we would be charging you for a bird that was given to us? We would like you to understand why.

Although it is correct that we rarely pay for birds taken in by us, there are many unseen expenses that we incur. We are privately run and do not receive funding from any other source. We may from time to time receive private donations in the form of memberships and support from individuals and/or businesses. The support might be in the form of money, toys, cages, food or discounts in a store towards our purchases. But, we are primarily supporting ourselves through the adoption fees.

We are run by volunteers that donate their time, and in many cases money to help our feathered friends. There are expenses that are incurred just driving some distance required to pick up the birds. Many times a bird will come just as he or she is, no cage, no food, no toys, etc. We therefore have to have cages available to house these birds. We also require toys, food, perches, etc. And of course many of these items are played with and chewed and therefore need to be replaced. Of course, if the item is a toy, it is wonderful that the bird was playing with the toy, but all this requires money. One of the biggest expenses this program has is avian veterinary care. Sometimes it is just a routine check-up before adoption, but other times, they may require extensive medical treatment.

In summary, expenses associated with starting up a non-profit rescue and the day-to-day operations are many. Our expenses thus far have included cages, toys, food, perches, fundraising events, costs associated with becoming a non-profit organization and miscellaneous business expenses. When you adopt a bird from us, your adoption fee is helping to support this program and the many birds whose lives we help to change.

Our adoption fees vary from bird to bird. No adoption fee will be more than $460, at any time, for any bird. All adoption fees are subject to change (LOWERED), depending on the situation of each individual bird. Some birds are tame and others will require some work. We describe each bird to the best of our knowledge. All birds are adopted with a suitable cage, perches, food dishes, toys and various supplies.

Please note that we do NOT accept payments. All adoption fees must be paid in full at the time of adoption. Please note all returned checks will also be charged a $35.00 returned check fee, in addition to the adoption fee. If you offer a check that is not valid, the adoption will be considered null and void, and the animal must be returned to Wings of Hope immediately.

The fees for our birds are as follows:
Amazon $310.00
Caique $225.00
Bourke Parakeet $60.00
Canary/Finch $ 45.00
Cockatiel $ 70.00
Conure $175.00
Dove $ 45.00
Eclectus $310.00
Grey $360.00
Hahn's $180.00
Lovebird $ 55.00
Lory $230.00
Sm. Macaws $310.00
Lg. Macaws $460.00
Meyers $180.00
Parakeet $ 45.00
Parrotlet $100.00
Pionus $235.00
Quaker $180.00
Ringneck $180.00
Senegal $210.00
Sm Toos $310.00
Lg Toos $410.00
Your anticipated consideration and cooperation are appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at adoption@wingsofhope-nj.com