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A Cheap Bird's Plea
by Joyce Glass
What is it that my life is worth?
How much will you pay?
To what extent would you go
If I get ill today?

I know I'm not an expensive bird
My cost is fairly cheap
But what is the price you put on life
For something that you keep?

My wings still spread out the same
My heart still has a beat
So why is it that my cousins
Are the ones you hold so sweet?

I cannot help that I was born
Without a golden egg
Will you still take care of me?
Or make me plead and beg?

I rely on you to help me
As I can't do it for myself
Will you take the steps needed?
Or just put me on the shelf?

So when you walk by me
Please look me in the eye
If it would come down to it
Would I live or die?