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Clean Cages

Reprinted with permission by Dotty Schira
of Bird Placement Program Parrot Refuge
The cage and perches should be completely cleaned and scrubbed once a week. Feed dishes should be scrubbed and cleaned daily. It is best to have two sets of dishes on hand. This way while one set is being cleaned, the other set is in the cage. Use a safe disinfectant when cleaning the cage and feed dishes. If you aren't sure what brands are safe then ask your avian vet.

Bleach mixed with water can be use to clean cages, dishes and perches but it is corrosive to metals. Be sure to rinse all surfaces thoroughly and rinse again. I like using Kennelsol. It is a disinfectant, deodorizer and detergent in one. It has a pleasant smell and is mild to your hands. You can use Kennelsol to clean the cage, feed dishes, perches and floors.

Do not just rinse out your bird's feed dishes with hot water. You are not cleaning anything. Bacteria will continue to grow in the dishes. If you have a dishwasher then you can place the dishes in there to clean them. If you think your bird's dishes are clean enough then ask yourself this question. Would you eat or drink out of them? Also do not buy vitamins that need to be mixed in water. Vitamin A is not water soluble and within a few hours the vitamin potency is weak and the water starts to breed bacteria. Birds do not like the taste either. You take a drink of the vitamin water and you will know why. Either feed a pelleted bird food or buy vitamins that you can sprinkle on table foods.