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Clipped Birds Can Fly

For Your Bird's Sake
Is your bird safe ? Are you sure?
"Fright means Flight."
Can a Parrot with trimmed/clipped wings still fly?
Did you answer no?
Look at this picture. Really look at it.
This parrot has had her wings trimmed. She was out on her harness. A sudden noise spooked her.
"Fright means Flight"
Take a second and imagine what would have happened if she not been in her harness.

Many people mistakenly believe a parrot with trimmed wings cannot fly. This is not true. A clipped/trimmed parrot can fly a very long distance if frightened. They can be carried away with the slightest puff of wind under their wings.
Many parrots are lost to terrible fates because people, unknowingly. take them outside unprotected without either a harness or a carrier. Most either slowly starve to death  or become dinner for a predator. A pet parrot does not know how to fend for itself or forage for food.

Hundreds of parrots are lost every year due to this mistaken belief.

Note: Small Parrots such as Parrotlets should only use carriers Harnesses are not safe for the little ones.

This poster has been given to you with our thanks to the establishment you are in by the members of
"Katie's Helpline ' a group dedicated to a safer, happier life for all parrots.

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