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Frequently Asked Questions
This is a sample of frequently asked questions that potential adopters ask us here at Wings of Hope. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email us at WOH@wingsofhope-nj.com. Thank you.

Do we adopt out of state?

We do, as long as you have no problem driving to one of our Foster Homes (located throughout New Jersey), we will adopt to you. Please be advised due to some behavioral issues, some animals may require multiple visits. We do network with other reputable rescues to help complete the home visit portion of the process.

Is a bird listed on Petfinder still available?

Yes it is. Petfinder is updated as needed with birds that have been adopted as well as new birds available. However, we do not list all available birds on Petfinder. We maintain a waiting list of approved applicants, and match the best fit for the bird. Many times we use that list, and do not need to list an animal on Petfinder. If you are interested in a certain species of animal, it is best to have a completed application on file. That way you can be notified as soon as an animal fitting your requirements is available. We maintain your approved application in our files until you ask us to remove it.

What comes with a bird that I adopt?

We adopt our animals with suitable housing, disease testing, toys, supplies, an adoption kit with important paperwork and food samples, as well as a small food supply.

What do you do to the bird prior to adoption?

All birds adopted via Wings of Hope are vetted and/or disease tested. We provide all necessary vet care to ensure an animal is suitable for adoption.

Do you ship?

Absolutely not. This is very stressful for the bird. In addition, we require face to face meetings to determine a suitable fit. Please do not ask, there are no exceptions.

Do you accept installment payments?

No, I'm sorry, we do not. This is not an option at this point in time. All adoption fees must be paid in full at the time of adoption. Please note all returned checks will also be charged a $35.00 returned check fee, in addition to the adoption fee. If you offer a check that is not valid, the adoption will be considered null and void, and the animal must be returned to Wings of Hope immediately. We can also utilize the court system to recoup all fees.

• Can I adopt more than one bird at the same time?

Unfortunately, no.  Wings of Hope believe that each bird needs time to settle into its new home.  Therefore, we will not adopt two birds to one home within a six month time frame.  Of course, if the birds are currently housed together, there will be an exception.

I submitted an online adoption application, how long before I hear from someone?

When you submit an online adoption form, you receive an email with information on how to pay the $10.00 application fee. Please note that the adoption application donation is NOT applied to the adoption donation. You may find a list of our adoption donations here.  This may be paid via paypal or check/money order. Once this fee is received, your application will be assigned to a volunteer for processing. The interview process can take up to 21 days for completion. If this fee is not received within 30 days, your application will be marked "no fee" and will be dead filed. If you rent your home, you MUST provide documentation from your landlord stating that you are allowed to own an animal. We must have a copy of your lease on file and/or a letter with contact information from your landlord for verification. You may download and use this form. It is in PDF format. This is your responsibility, and we will not follow up with you to receive it.

I've been approved for adoption, now what?

When you are approved, you will receive a confirmation. If you completed an online application, this information will be emailed to you. If you mail or fax in an application, this will be sent via Postal mail. If you see an animal on Petfinder that catches your eye, please let us know, so we may determine if you are a suitable match. If you are, we will forward your approved application onto the Foster Home for review. The Foster Home will then set up an appointment with you to see the animal and determine if this is a suitable match. Please note that WOH provides names and addresses of all adopters to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. We are required to do this under our permit. It is in your best interest, and that of your animal to also register your animal with the NJ DFW. This is done for a minimal fee, and must be renewed yearly.

I've called the Hotline and never get a real person, no matter what time I call. Why is that?

Our hotline number is not staffed. It is strictly a voicemail answering service. The Hotline is checked daily for emergencies. Non-emergencies are returned at least every other day. Please be patient. Please note if you have call block, we will not be able to return your call. Please either remove that feature, or provide an alternate contact method. We will attempt to return all calls 2 times. If we are not able to establish contact within that time, the message will be dead filed until you contact us.

Please note that we are a network of volunteers. It is rude to email us and not include a name on your correspondence. Due to an increase in these types of emails, we will not be answering those emails in the future.

Thank you for your interest in Wings of Hope and our rescued Animals.