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Our Favorite Books
Birds for Dummies by Brian L. Speer, DVM
ISBN: 0764551396
Buy at: Amazon.com
Handbook of Avian Articles - Volume I 
by Liz Wilson, CVT
Buy at: Up At Six
Handbook of Avian Articles - Volume II
by Liz Wilson, CVT
Buy at: Up At Six
Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (ABRIDGED)
by Donald W. Zantop, DVM Dipl.ABVP-Avian (Editor)
ISBN: 0963699652
Buy at: Amazon.com
Bringing Up Positive Parrotlets
by Sherry Lucciola
Buy at: www.parrotlets.com
Cockatiels for Dummies by Diane Grindol
ISBN: 0764553119
Buy at: Amazon.com
Parrots For Dummies by Nikki Moustaki
ISBN: 0764583530
Buy at: Amazon.com
Parrot Training by Bonnie Munro Doane
ISBN: 0764563270
Buy at: Amazon.com
Parrot - Toys & Play Areas by Carol S. D'Arezzo and Lauren Shannon-Nunn
ISBN: 0967882001
Buy at: Amazon.com
Companion Parrot Handbook by Sally Blanchard
Buy at: CPQ Online Store
The Beak Book by Sally Blanchard
ISBN: 0967129818
Buy at: Amazon.com
Gourmet Bird Food Recipes by Holly A. Armstrong, Michelle D. Bagnasco & Shannon R. Carbajal.
ISBN: 1558672591
Buy at: Amazon.com
Abundantly Avian, the Compiled Works of Phoebe Greene Linden
Buy at: Santa Barbara Bird Farm
Other Great Books:
Large Macaws by Joanne Abramson, Jorgen B. Thomsen, Dr. Brian Speer and Marsha Mello
Buy at:  Amazon.com
Atlas of Parrots of the World by David Alderton and Graeme Stevenson
Buy at: Amazon.com
Companion Parrot Quarterly
Buy at: Sally Blanchard's website
Bird Talk Monthly Publication Birds USA (Annual Publication)
Buy at: Animal Network