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Feather Picking Checklist
Too much vitamin supplementation
Liver, kidney and pancreatic disease
Zinc, lead or copper toxicity
Sensitivity to cleaning agents
Food allergies
Allergies to other pets
Exposure to smoke and nicotine
Dirty feathers from the lack of a good bath
Bacterial infection of the skin follicles
Root Causes of Feather Picking
Bacterial, viral infection, or protozoal infection such as Giardia
Nutritional deficiency
fungal infections
bad wing-feather trim
fracture that has healed improperly can cause the bird neurologic pain and make him or her start picking at the area
hormones - seasonal - known as brood patch plucking. Some birds pluck the area of feather on the chest or abdominal area that is used during incubation to transfer heat to the eggs. Both sexes can do this.
Behavioral component - being “intact” and yet having no mate, no territory, and no flock. The anxiety from not being able to complete the instinctive breeding cycle.
Sexual frustrations can be exaggerated it the bird is pair-bonded with his or her owner. If the person gives more attention to another person in the room, the bird could feather pluck.
Environmental causes - cage too small, wrong perches in the cage
Exposure to tobacco smoke and aerosol sprays.
Low humidity
Lack of full spectrum lighting (fluorescent light flickering might be very frustrating to a bird).
Not enough mental stimulation - bored
Being under too much stress (fighting in the home, addition of a new pet or family member, move of the bird’s cage next to a window
In most situations, feather picking is multifactorial
Positive reinforcement from feather picking
Injury - like a cracked keel
If no problems medically - vet might refer you to a behavior consultant
Stress from owner’s lives making the bird stressed
It has become a habit
If you do not stop the feather plucking it could get a lot worse.

You need a good avian vet to help you rule out medical causes for your bird's feather picking.
To find an avian veterinarian in your area, please check out the Association of Avian Veterinarians at www.aav.org. Also, you may locate a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, who is "board certified" in Avian Practice. A "certified avian veterinarian" or "board certified veterinarian" is a veterinarian who has received certification from the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP). Certification is given by the ABVP and includes documentation of six years of significant avian practice experience or a formal residency plus scientific papers, plus a rigorous series of examinations.