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Educational Information
Are You Looking For An Avian Veterinarian?

"Top 20 Checklist" for parrot rescue or bird adoption organizations.
These articles will give you some things to think about...
A Free Bird, Do You Have What it Takes?
A Cheap Bird's Plea By Joyce Glass
RESCUE BIRDS & $AVING MONEY... Who is really profiting???? - Liz Wilson
The following articles will give you lots of helpful information
about caring for your pet birds.
Commonly Used...
Bird Facts
Research BEFORE you get your bird
Finding a Pet Bird - Issues to Consider When Picking a Parrot or Other Pet Bird
Finding a Pet Bird - 10 Signs to Look For When Picking a Bird
Top 5 Popular Bird Species - Budgies are #1, Cockatiels are #2
Bringing Your New Bird Home  - Essential Preparations
Avian Anatomy 101 - Know Your Bird Inside and Out!
What Kind Of Bird do you think you want?
General Bird Care
Bird Safety
Bird Behavior
Articles by Liz Wilson, Sam Foster, and Sally Blanchard
Liz Wilson's articles
Sam Foster's articles
Avian Consultant Specializing in Cockatoo Care and Behavior
Sally Blanchard's articles
Sally Blanchard's Articles
Feather Picking - Sally Blanchard
The articles written by Liz Wilson that are here are only a sampling of what is in her 2 books,
order her books if you’d like to read more.
Check out our Favorite Books page
Please visit our Petco Care Sheets pages
Bird Illnesses