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Letter From the VP

I would like to start off by saying if you are taking the time to read this, it is one step toward the right direction...

Wings Of Hope-NJ IS a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Yes, we are a TRUE not for profit organization. 100% of all donations, member fees, and adoption fees go back into the care of the animals. We do not have salaries. We do not receive a "Pay" check. Wings of Hope, Inc. is a volunteer based organization with wonderful people who take time out of their busy lives to provide the services and time needed to run a reputable rescue, sanctuary, and the other educational services we provide.

Our financial "goal" is to obtain a site in which the general public will be able to come and receive education, help and support.... "hands on" with our trained and certified avian specialists. We envision having an area in which the public can come and see animals in their "natural" state or as close to this as possible.

The 501(c)(3) status enables us to receive grants for such an endeavor and makes it possible for companies and private parties who wish to donate substantial funds toward our effort, beneficial for THEIR tax purposes, NOT for our personal financial gain.

We are not bird "brokers". Our adoption fees clearly reflect this (as compared to other rescues). They cover vet expenses, a proper living environment (cages, toys, food/water cups, proper perches, etc.), nutrition, supplements, special needs devices, etc. A very small amount, if any at all, goes back into the account for the next animal coming into the rescue for their expenses and needs. Our adoption donations DO NOT go into anyone's pocket, they are accounted for in our business bank account statement.

Our Volunteers are members of our organization. All members abide by strict conduct and business guidelines, as well as are governed by our Constitution and Bylaws. We have many aspects of our organization in which members help. From interviewing prospective adopters, fostering, and general day to day phone callbacks. Members are provided a manual, which they are required to look over and become familiar with. Our Foster homes are NEVER required to pay for vet expenses, cages, toys, medication, etc. However, they are required to provide a premium diet, which includes fresh food, vegetables, and fruits specific to the species they are fostering. All adoption fees are turned over to the organization, once the adoption is finalized. No member of Wings of Hope receives any monetary compensation.

Please take the time to ask the "right" questions when looking at a rescue, and take the time to find out what their adoption "fees," policies and procedures are, prior to surrendering YOUR pet, or adopting. Please take the time to interview and be informed.


Does a veterinarian see the animals? If so, is a certificate or veterinarian contact information given freely? Do they have a veterinarian they work with on a regular basis? Will they provide you with either a written letter or a phone number to contact their vet? Even if they "say" the pet has been previously seen by a vet, ask to see proof. Here at Wings of Hope, all surrendered pets must be disease tested within the past 6 months. If this has not been done, Wings of Hope-NJ tests the bird immediately upon acceptance to our program.

Are they willing to provide references of those people who have previously surrendered their pet and those who have adopted? Can they provide you with the amount of adoption fees collected on each specific adopted animal?

Do they work with other rescues and organizations? Example: SPCA, local humane societies, local animal shelters, other rescue groups, etc.

What would happen to my pet if he or she wasn’t adopted?

Do they have a registered business? Do they operate as a business? Are they made accountable by the state in which they reside for funds coming into their rescue?... KNOW where your money and donations go. In doubt... ask for documentation, reputable rescues have nothing to hide, and plenty of documentation to provide for reassurance. If a "rescue" states they don't take checks, be very suspicious. Accepting checks leaves a nice paper trail, and are preferred here at Wings of Hope-NJ. It takes a bit of work, and not much money, to register as an incorporated business. Thus allowing the rescue to do things the proper way.

Do they maintain the business records separate from any single person involved with the rescue? Is the banking account in the business name? If the bank information is in a personal name, ask why. Do they have an EIN number? (Also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number). Do they have a tax certificate from the state to collect proper taxes, if applicable? Do they hold any permits required by the state to possess and adopt out exotic animals?

These are a few of the questions that you should be asking. The bottom line is that YOU, the adopter/adoptee/donator, should make yourself knowledgeable about whom you want to help or those you choose to help you.

We are recognized by the State of New Jersey as a Nonprofit Corporation. We are in good standing and are run and operated within all guidelines set forth by the State of New Jersey. We are accountable to the Division of Fish and Wildlife, for every animal that we take in, and in turn, adopt out. If you have any questions regarding any of our documentation or financial statements, we would be more than happy to provide them. We have nothing to hide.

Everyday should be a learning experience, no one person knows everything. We, as a group, learn something every day and with that knowledge are able to better ourselves and further grow. We support and work with several reputable rescues, those that have met our criteria for being legitimate. Much similar to those standards we place on ourselves, prospective adopters, volunteers, members, and anyone affiliated with our organization. We take PRIDE in the standards we have set, and will continue to uphold these standards, and promote the ethics that stand behind them.

We pride ourselves on our "open book" policy. We have nothing to hide. We can, and do account for every penny coming in and going out. We are more than willing to share this information when requested, in writing. E-mail requests will not be honored. We not only have a responsibility to the animals we help, but to those persons who have given in the efforts in supporting something they believe in... Wings Of Hope-NJ.

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK all of our contributors and members for their efforts and support, making our future goals a few steps closer to becoming a reality.

Theresa L. Jenkins-Brown
Co-Founder and Vice President
Wings of Hope-NJ