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In loving memory of John Henry Zaker, remembered fondly by his loving family. Rest in Peace.

In loving memory of FuzzWuzz "Beans", my beloved companion. You were an amazing creature, and will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend, until we meet again. You were the best "deal" that ever was.

In loving memory of Hammy, a 2 legged hamster, remembered fondly by the King Family.

In loving memory of Greystoke "Stocie", the most ornery pink thing that ever was... You had a good long (19 years) life. Until we meet again. Keep an eye on Beans and remember to reach out every now and then and touch her, like always. You were always ever so slick.

In loving memory of Karen Anderson, remembered fondly by her sister Victoria. Thank you for the generous donation.

In loving memory of Rascal, the beloved pet of Elizabeth Petrunis. Remembered by her friends and co-workers.

In loving memory, Agnes McGee. Remembered by Helene and John Narucki.

In loving memory of Dorothy Siebert. Remembered fondly by her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren.

Sgt. Al Sherman, remembered fondly by Board Member Jo Gentry.
The Ultimate Sacrifice, 29 June 2004, Baghdad, Iraq, USMC

In Loving memory of "Saint" Helen Redlus. Rest in Peace My Friend. You will be greatly missed.

Clifton F. Rhodes remembered with love by a very special friend.

In memory of my friend Ritchie Tatham, always a compassionate bird owner. We will all miss him. Remembered fondly by the Welch Family.

In loving memory of Nina, the beloved companion of Kathy J. Nina you will be dearly missed by your mommy. Your mommy always said what a "good bird" you were.

In loving memory of Neushka, the loving companion of the Brown family. She was extremely well loved and will always be held dear in the hearts of those who knew her.

In loving memory of Uran Von der Bringforder-Heide known as "Brick", the loving companion of the Brown family. He was extremely well loved and had a long, happy, spoiled life of 15 years. He will always be fondly remembered.

In memory of Perry, friend to Heather, James, and Chili Pepper. Heather's friends, Elizabeth Cirrotti and Megan Paier, have kindly honored the passing of her parrotlet, Perry, with a donation to WOH.

In loving memory of James and Sampson's best friend Alex the Bronzed-wing Pionus. You were loved and will be missed forever by Heather and James. Heather's friend Elizabeth Cirrotti has kindly honored the passing of her Pionus, Alex, with a donation to WOH.

In loving memory of Abra the WOH dove, fondly remembered by her family and mother Cathy F. as being such a gentle bird.

In memory of Rebecca's dear Tango the Sun Conure. Rebecca's friends from the Conure Community Message Board made a donation in Tango's name to honor him. Please see his page at the Rainbow Bridge site that his Mom created for him.

In memory of Kristin & George's beloved Harley. He was their 4 month old Lab Shepherd mix and he was the most adorable little dog they ever saw and he was just perfect. Your mommy and daddy will always miss you and will look forward to seeing you again one day. Until then, your mommy hopes that a little girl in Heaven is holding you tight and loving you as she always did.

In loving memory of Kathy J.'s dear lovedbird Peachie. He was such a nice lovebird and his mommy loved to spend time with him. He was her last "cuddle bird". Peachie loved everyone and always enjoyed a good scratching, even by his vets. And if you did it just right, it would put him to sleep. ;0) We are all glad that you are no longer suffering and that you are well again and enjoy your time at the Rainbow Bridge until your Mommy comes for you dear Peachie and have fun teasing those Cockatoos that are there.

In loving memory of Kathy J.'s lovedbird Piggy. Your Momma hopes that you and Peachy are having fun teasing those Cockatoos that are there.

In loving memory of Kim S.'s 10+ year old Sun Conure named Twister who passed away on February 27, 2006.

In loving memory of Wm. Manson Harris who passed March 3, 2006. Fondly remembered by Judy & family and many others who his life touched.

In loving memory of Dan & Sue's beloved male canary Spice. You were beautiful and you will be forever missed and will see you again in Heaven. Please watch over our family of finches that have passed since you are the "biggest".

In loving memory of Mike & Jane's dear beloved birds who were loved so much before they passed. Their first parakeet, Woody, their first cockatiel, Sunshine; and their most precious parakeet, Peeper, who lived to the ripe old age of 12.

In loving memory of Cooka, the Wings of Hope Sanctuary Bird who was lovingly taken care of by her Sanctuary Mom Donna. Cooka crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, January 8th, 2007. Cooka you will always be missed by your mom and she will always cherish the time that you both had together.

In loving memory of Kojac the Blue Crowned Conure who is missed terribly by Patricia and her son "his buddy".

In memory of Barney.  She passed to Rainbow Bridge with her beloved caretaker Stephen by her side on 29 April 2009.

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