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Our Mission Statement

Wings of Hope-NJ prides itself on finding loving, experienced adoptive homes for unwanted, abused, neglected, and abandoned exotics... from birds to small critters. We believe that all animals deserve the highest quality care, love, and respect, and that owners should have access to the most current bird information possible. Unwanted exotics are accepted at WOH-NJ, and in turn are adopted out to qualified applicants.

We are a nonprofit, volunteer organization established in 2000 and we are dedicated to assisting owners in finding new, loving, longterm homes for their animals when they can no longer care for them. Wings of Hope - NJ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. By law, we are NOT required to register as a charity in New Jersey.  In 2006, the CRI Act was amended to permit charitable organizations receiving annual gross contributions of $10,000 or less to choose whether or not they wish to maintain a registration with the N.J. Charities Registration Section, but no longer requires them to do so.
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Our Goals
Educate persons interested in the proper care of exotic pets.
Rehabilitate and correct behavioral problems resulting from neglect, abuse, and misinformation.
Find loving, longterm homes for displaced exotics with persons who understand and respect the animal for his or her uniqueness.
Help exotics remain in their homes, whenever possible, through behavior modification and education.
Educate the public about their proper care and their place in the wild.
Continue working with animal welfare organizations in an effort to ensure that every exotic in captivity has a safe and loving home.
Our Beliefs
We do not breed or place animals with those who breed.
We promote education on all aspects of avian welfare.
We do not sell, trade or use animals in our care for profit.
We promote responsible ownership of all captive animals.
Educate the public about their proper care and their place in the wild.
We are against the sale of unweaned baby birds.
We do not endorse the breeding of birds in captivity, as long as there are captive birds in need of loving homes.
We support and encourage responsible legislation protecting the health, rights, and safety of all captive animals.
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