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Wings of Hope-NJ is pleased to offer the following programs: Education, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Foster Care, Adoption and Sanctuary. These programs are similar to others offered by other rescues across the country. Due to an overwhelming need, WOH is now offering similar programs. Wings of Hope-NJ prides itself in being a reputable, trusted rescue. We will always go above and beyond what is expected of us. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Within our Adoption program, we offer these "sub programs":

Screened with Love... Many owners are faced with the difficult heartbreaking decision to re-home their beloved FIDS (feathered kids). This is where Wings of Hope can help. Many avian rescues across the country are filled to capacity and have a waiting list for incoming birds. Many are even turning birds away without any behavior issues that would be easy to place because they simply do not have the foster homes to temporarily care for these birds. We found that we can cut down on the number of birds coming our organization by offering the owner to work directly with the potential adoptive family, and find a loving home. The surrendering owner has the opportunity to choose from our pre-approved applicants. We help to insure that the bird's next home will be his or her longtime, loving home. Wings of Hope does the leg work, by approving the applicant, using the same strict process that all our approved applicants must undergo.

Let's talk about how this works...
SWL requires that the bird has been recently vetted and has the same medical testing as WOH does on our own birds. Tested for Beak and Feather, Psittacosis (aka Chlamydia), Polyoma, and Pacheco's (aka Herpes). Please note that we need your current veterinary office notes and required current lab testing before you will receive any applicant referrals.

Under this program we place your bird’s information and photo on Petfinder, unless we have approved applications. If we have aproved applications, we will give them to you first and let you approve or disapprove them before we would put your pet on Petfinder. We feel it's not fair to make others think your pet might be "available" if your pet is "pending" adoption, if someone is in the process of meeting your pet. It is always a good idea to provide us a photo of your pet (if you have one) as that always greatly increases the number of adoption applications received.

WOH takes these applications from those wishing to adopt, reviews them, as we do all applicants, which includes checking personal and vet references, an in depth telephone interview, and perhaps a home visit.

We keep a database of those looking to adopt, and match the best suitable applicant to the owner looking to re-home his or her bird. Once the adopter and owner are introduced and connect, Wings of Hope steps out of the process. The owner then has the final say as to whom may, or may not, adopt their bird. We have created this “Tips for Owners” sheet to help you screen your potential applicants and find the best new home possible for your pet.

If we don't have a suitable applicant for that particular bird, we also network with other reputable local avian rescues, and can help to place a bird that way. So, even if you're not in our service area, we might still be able to help you. Wings of Hope will do everything necessary to allow for a smooth transition, though the bird never technically is considered a Wings of Hope intake. Wings of Hope will follow up on the adoption of this bird for a period of 1 year. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SERVICE.

If interested in this program, please contact us at SWL@wingsofhope-nj.com
Foster To Adopt... Due to a large number of birds coming in and not enough foster homes to place them in, we are initiating a Foster to Adopt Program (FTA) for certain birds. This program is designed so that an adopter first fosters the bird for a period up to 16 weeks to see how everything progresses before the adoption is processed and finalized.

To be considered for the Foster to Adopt Program you MUST have an approved application on file and have experience with birds, already be an approved foster home, or be a repeat adopter. However, everyone needs a starting point. Commitment, the willingness to learn, the ability to ask questions, and take advice are key in this program. We are willing to put in the time to ensure the well being of these birds and to further the education of the adopters. With knowledge and the commitment of time and love, we believe this will benefit a lot of birds that would have sat in a foster home or would have been turned away due to the lack of room. There is a contract necessary with this program.

If interested in this program, please contact us at FTA@wingsofhope-nj.com.
Operation Iraqi Freedom Military Fostering

Program... We have started a program in honor of Jannet's brother Derek - who is active duty military serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, due to the demand of having to place an animal while his or her owner is deployed on active duty. It is for those who are activated, so they may have peace of mind that their birds are cared for while on active duty, without having the added stress of worrying about finding a new home. This is meant to be used as a temporary foster situation. The bird never comes into the Wings of Hope-NJ Adoption Program. We hope that, with our help, there will be many happy reunions. It is a simple show of support for our Armed Forces serving to protect our country. There is a contract necessary with this program. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SERVICE.

If interested in this program, please contact us at WOH@wingsofhope-nj.com.

Even if you decide not to go through one of our programs we would like to offer you this General Owner Tips Sheet to help you screen potential applicants and find the best new home possible for your beloved pet.

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