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Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that Ali is doing well, he is eating the cracked corn and greens. Gave him a bath the other day, he wasn't too sure if he liked it. --- Bette


Lumpy eats everything and it is great to have a bird that likes veggies.
When I give the tortoises their greens, I put some in the cage for Lumpy. --- Bette


Bijou is very slowly coming around; the trust issue is his major hang up. I am slowly figuring out what set him off, he has his psycho moments. He is a very smart bird and learns thing very quickly with clicker training. He can now catch a ball (it is a dog holy ball). Bijou is quite a taker now, I didn't know it is because his cage is between the CAG and the BF Amazon and they are very good talkers.
--- Bette


Well what can I say? Timi continues to be an absolute sweetheart and a JOY to me every day. It's 6 months (next week) that she's been a part of my home. Couldn't ask for a better bird pal. :-)

Timi knows a couple of new tricks... she will ring a bell on one of her toys on demand. Just need to say "Ring your bell Timi!" and she slides over to it and gives it a toss. She has also started conversing back and forth with Pippin, the eclectus.

In the mornings I hear this while I'm getting dressed for work:

Pippin: "gimme a kiss!"
Timi: makes big smooch sound
Pippin: "Awwwww, thank you!"
Timi: "Hiya Pippin!"
Pippin: "hello Oscar! Hello Timi!"
Timi: "Hello Everybody!"

Then they start their morning jungle calls, and yelling for breakfast. LOL I can't even remember what life was like before these two goofballs came into mine....

Timi still looks good, great feather, healthy, and (I'm thrilled to announce!) has started eating the cooked birdy foods they get every evening! Finally.

She's putting quite a dent into the cooked food bowl now, and I'm glad for that. She's also starting to enjoy her morning bowl of fresh sliced fruits mixed w/ a little crunchy granola cereal and eating half of that as well. She's completely off the fig newtons and those orange-y colored peanut butter crackers she was used to getting for snacks. Now she gets veggies, a no-salt tortilla chip or pretzel stick, veggie crackers, or once in a while teeny pieces of cooked meat or boiled egg. ---MaryAnne
Timi at home...
Adopted by MaryAnne and her family in Sept '04.
Timi turned 13 yrs old on Jan. 8th, 2005


Hello Jannet!

Everything is going great! I've changed Claudia's name to Clara and she's already responding to it. Clara is an absolute pleasure. I can't spoil her enough. I always make sure she has a vast variety to choose from. Her favorite treats are the avi-cakes, romaine lettuce, millet and treat sticks.

We purchased a jungle gym from Leesa that we utilize everyday. Clara has morning coffee and cereal with me everyday while we watch the morning news. She's always ready to come out. She actually calls to me when she wants to visit. Clara loves to chat even though she doesn't say anything specific I know what she's up to.

The cage I purchased for her turned out to be a cockatiel mansion. She has more than enough space to spread out. She doesn't seem interested in toys or her swing yet. I'm sure she's still getting used to her new environment. She loves to eat and hang out. My shoulder seems to be a great place to be aside from the gym.

We're still waiting on her doctor's appointment. We wait a month for a check-up. She's in great health and very active. I'm sure things will check out great.

I'll write you again and keep you posted. THANK YOU SO MUCH! She's a wonderful addition to my life. A special thanks to Leesa for bringing us together. I have to go put her to bed now she seems sleepy.

Thanks again,
Dana & Clara S.



Goldie is doing just great. She just loves her new flight and loves taking a bath in her large water dish. She likes to take a bath all by herself and if anyone else is around, she will "swawk" at them until they go away. LOL! She is very pretty and a very wonderful bird to have, we love her dearly. Thanks so much! --- Sue

(Maddie, Dee, Lindy, and Kedim shown below left to right)

Kedim seems to be doing very well, and I have somehow acquired quite a flock now (three more parakeets, all female too, rescued at various ages from other owners). It's really a hoot to see them make the rounds of my apartment ceiling. I think your adoption process and subsequent followup is really fantastic. I'm really grateful to Wings of Hope for taking care of Kedim until I could find her and take her home! --- Donna


Dear Jannet,

Corkey is doing GREAT. He is spoiled rotten. He "rules the roost" here. He is so loving and easy to spoil. He lays is my arms like a baby. We are truly happy and totally satisfied with Corkey. He's on my shoulder right now. (I think he's looking to see if my spelling is right.) I have not had any real problems with him. I did find that if he rode in a box, with air holes of course, he doesn't get carsick. I really think that it was the motion around him that made him sick.

I am very satisfied with your adoption process. It was quick, but I knew just from the letters that this adoption service was truly in business for the bird, not to make a killing. I have referred a few people to your service, but I also told them that this is a lifetime commitment, not a short-term thing. I have also told them to do careful research, before even thinking about a large bird. I would never want to be responsible for a bird having a bad life.

Thank you so much for everything that you did for me. This was truly a dream come true for me. I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Here is a picture with Bette and Zoe just before Thanksgiving. She is adjusting very well to the new environment. She spends her days downstairs with the dog and her evenings either with us in the family room or with Katie in her room where she has another cage and her playpen.

This adoption has gone so well we are considering a second bird, but we did not want to appear greedy. This experience has been so wonderful we wanted to repeat it.

Rob, Bette, Abby, Katie, and Zoe K.
Mo and Curly


I just wanted to say that I just adore Mo and Curly the Crested Society Finches that my husband and I adopted from Wings of Hope. I never knew that male Society Finches sang and danced so much. They are such a joy to have and watch and if I would have known that they were so neat we would have gotten some much sooner! They are always preening each other and singing to each other and are just so cute! They are a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much! --- Sue
Mo hanging out
Mo and Curly sleeping on top of their mirror swing

Angel is doing wonderfully. She really is the sweetest little girl, but she eats a lot, lol! She goes from cage to cage when the birds are all out and eats everyone's food. She goes into the kitchen and opens all the cabinet doors. She doesn't take anything out, she just opens the doors and when you catch her she runs away. She's really hilarious! Her feathers have come in so nicely. She's very pink and she's stopped plucking. She's very cuddly and kissy. Everyone is crazy about her.

Thanks for your inquiry. I hope all is well with all of you.

Take care.
Donna & Matt B.
Angel - You can see how beautifully she "feathered up"
Angel & Oliver sitting in a tree... E. A.. T. I..N ..G

Hi Jo!

The lovebird is doing great! We are currently calling him/her a her and have named her Malika, which means 'Queen' in Kiswahili (the official language of Tanzania where black-masks originate from according to our googling), because she seems to think she is the new ruler of all that she sees, hehe. She is tolerating 'petting' better than I would have expected at this point, even letting me give her scritches though she hasn't asked for them. She's coming along with hand taming (steps up readily from the floor, but not from her cage or another hand/finger yet).

She is being stubborn about fruits and veggies, but has started nibbling tentatively at the occasional carrot since they blend into her pellets so well. Our vet said she's in great health. We're still quarantining her so she hasn't met our other birds yet, but our medium-sized parrots have demonstrated aggression towards smaller birds in the past so I don't expect she'll ever do more than see them from a safe distance anyway.

I was THRILLED with the adoption process! Wings of Hope is the third rescue we've adopted a bird through and the first that I would adopt from again. I was thrilled to actually be screened for once even though others have said that they screen. You have demonstrated that you really do care about the birds and are trying to make sure they find homes that will be good matches so they don't just end up back in a shelter. All the volunteers I have talked to via e-mail, phone and in person have been very friendly, helpful, and eager to answer questions. If my husband and I do decide we would like to foster parrots or volunteer in some other capacity, Wings of Hope is where we will apply! Thank you!!!! ---- Kat

Petey and Chole

Yes, everything is great with Petey. He's the greatest bird ever!! :) Very adaptable to his environment and always exploring new toys to play with and stuff. He's very good with accepting new things into his cage and extremely friendly to anyone who comes over the house. Loves the attention and has also been open to some new foods we've introduced him to lately. All good of course! :)

Things are going just fine. We're leaving for vacation on Friday for two weeks and our best friends, who are avid bird lovers, will be watching him and his brother Chole (formerly Chloe) whom we also adopted from WOH. They've watched them before when we've gone away for a week and when we got back, it was like we never left--they were so comfortable with them! I'm happy thery're able to watch them again for this long vacation. I will miss them both terribly, for this is the longest we've ever left them! I know, however, that they are in excellent hands. They do have WOH's number to call as well if they have any questions or whatnot.

Thanks again for checking up. We are one big happy family for sure!

Take care,
Patty and Tom D.
Petey on Mommy’s hand
Chole with his favorite toy


Hi Jo,

Pooz is doing very well in our home. He enjoys the variety of foods, comes out of his cage easier, and is becoming more and more playful. He is as loud as ever! He interacts well with the other birds and the members of my household. He even sleeps under the blankets with my kids!

The fostering and adoption process through WOH was very smooth. The communication with Jannet was thorough and the paperwork was managed with great ease. Funny gift Jannet has about knowing who won't let their fosters leave. I have and will continue to recommend WOH to my friends.

Working with the many personalities can be challenging, but I believe the WOH board manages well. --- Pam
Sugar and Spice

Hello Everyone!

Sugar and Spice (aka Song and Tune) are doing great! Spice loves to sing and I love to hear him sing his pretty songs. They are both such beautifully colored canaries, we were very lucky to find them. They seem to like their new flight that we got them. ;-) Thanks so much! --- Sue

Pretty Girl

Hello Jannet:

I just want to thank you very much for everything! Everything went wonderful! Our "Pretty Girl" is doing absolutely wonderful!!! I bought her a brand new big cage yesterday which you can see in one of the photos and bought her a play hut and toys. She is SWEET! She likes to bite my rings and earrings! She wants to snuggle with my other bird but it doesn't want to get too close yet though they like to be near each other. My other bird has its own cage.

I am sending you these photos so you can see how loved Pretty Girl is and that she is well taken care of! :-) I'm so happy that I got to find her!!!

Thanks again for everything!!! Pretty Girl completes our family! :-)


Hey Jannet:

Mario the Cockatiel is doing great, he is hand tame now and has a new best friend Yoshe! They love their out of cage time every day on their balsa wood playgym! They are both eating great!! Pictures to follow!! (I'm real bad getting film developed but I will do my best).

Thanks Again,



Thank you so much for taking care of our baby until we could find her!! As I type this she is busily eating away!! She is such a sweetheart! We have been letting her get comfortable with her new cage and surroundings. She enjoys talking to her new parakeet friends.

She comes over to the side of the cage, and is very interested in listening to us talk to her. Our whole family has fallen in love with her!!

Thank you for what you do for all the birds you care for! You are truly special! As soon as I get my digital camera figured out, you will get pictures!

Oh, we have taken to calling her Lily...we thought that was a more feminine name than spaz!!

Thanks again,
Susan M.

Hi Jannet,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for our birds and let you know how things are going. They are doing just fine. They are very verbal (especially Spice), EXCEPT WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM. Then they clam up. We laugh and laugh at them. They are so into each other they really don't want to have anything to do with us, but we love to hear their chatter. We had a mirror in the cage we placed them in, and they think there is competition (you know like boy friend or girl friend) in with them. Sometimes there is a little lovers spat, but it doesn't seem to bother them long. I told Russell when we are ready to expand our family, we will come back and get a Cockatiel but it won't be for a long time.

Keep up the good work that you do, I will keep Wings of Hope in mind when I hear of someone in search of a special animal.

Thank you again,


July 2009
Maya is fitting in wonderfully.  She is still full flight, but is getting used to just hanging out on top of her cage.  She has started feeling comfortable enough with me to join me in the shower.  She seems to be ok with my husband now, but still prefers to hang out with me more.  Her noise level seems to be better, but my husband and my daughter are home with her all day.  I am not sure if she will become loud if we were to leave her alone  for any long period of time. 


July 2009
Petey is doing great..he's so funny.  Me and him play this game all the time as he chirps I chirp back and we play this game forever.   I mimics exactly as I do.  And he's smart to when i say Petey he knows I'm talking to him..and he's always ringing that bell he loves so much.  Thank you for asking about him and hopefully I'll have more information for you soon.


July 2009
I wanted to thank you for giving me the option of bringing Charlie the Amazon into our home.. he is amazing.. We picked him up on Saturday morning & by Sunday morning, he was talking up a storm, taking food from our hands & letting us scratch his head.. he even came out of his cage & sat on the outside perch while the family watched the giants play football.. he is such a joy.. he doesn't even seem to be bothered by our 2 shithzu's who are more curious about him.. He seems to be adjusting quite quickly to the new environment.

Thank you again, he is a wonderful addition to our family..

Diane B


July 2009
Gigi still doesn’t care for women all that much but will let me pet her head through the cage although rather tentatively on both of our parts!  She absolutely LOVES Mark and he has her out all the time.  She showers with him, sleeps inside his shirt, preens his mustache, etc.  It’s quite a show!

We just found a “tree” for the birds at a yardsale for $15.00!!  We bought four or five new toys to hang from it for them.  I’m not so sure about the food dishes on the top though.  Makes for a lot of vacuuming!

Jennifer G


July 2009
Here is a recent photo of Paco.  You can see his feathers came in nicely.  He always surprises me with learning new words!  The birds are in the room next to our bedroom.  In the morning, I hear him say "Good Morning", "Come on", "Let's go".  But he will NEVER talk if anyone is in the room.  But he will whistle back and forth with me.

I have a funny story about Paco.  All our birds are kept in one big room.  Paco's cage is right next to Butchie (cockatoo) cage and I think that Paco picks up a lot of words from Butchie.  Butchie lets me carry him around, but if he escapes from his cage (And we have tried EVERYTHING to prevent it, but that's another story.  BTW our bird room is bird safe) Butchie will not let me pick him up because he does not want to go back in his cage.  At that point, I usually call "Jan" very loudly because we're upstairs and Jan's downstairs.  Jan will come upstairs and put Butchie back.  Well one day, I was watching to see if Butchie could undo the lock.  Well, he did and he climbed out of his cage!  What did Paco do?  He imitated my voice and called out "Jan!"

Mary Ann

Oscar and Snuffles

July 2009
I wanted to let ya'll know how Oscar and Snuffles are doing since we spoke on the phone. Oscar has stopped nipping, when I use a flesh-colored towel, has a new tent, and is eating everything! (Carrot sticks are very popular.) Snuffles is eating much better these past few days and will sing "Andy Griffith" when we stand close to a mirror with him on my shoulder. He's a love, and asks for scratches constantly.

Thanks again for everything!

Kelly, Mr. Snuffles, and Oscar


July 2009
I thought the (adoption) process was thorough, quick and easy!!  You folks do an awesome job!!  Wish I was closer to your agency so that I could help out with foster care.

July 2009
Just a quick update on the birds. Jasper has settled in with my mother. SHE LOVES him and I think Jasper likes my mom too. He lives in my mom's room and they spend a lot of time together. When my mother leaves her room Jasper calls to her and gets very active. He steps up (even for me) and is a wonderful little bird. We think he talks a lot but my mother doesn't understand him. He does say "baby baby" and laughs and coughs. He eats Everything but loves fresh corn and carrots. He really is a sweet little bird. Every time my kids go to visit they ooh and ahh over him and he whistles and carries on and let's them pet his head. Every once in a while he gets nippy but when you say no he understand.

BIRD! gets sweeter every day. She steps up for me and is happy to be carried around. I think she loves me =o) *blush* She is still pretty quiet except when the DYH acts up then they both have a talking match. I think Bird talks to but in her own language LOL! She is sweet. I keep thinking when I write you... thank you thank you thank you. I think you did a great job. I am so happy with her and I THINK she is happy with me too. Today I was at bird paradise again and got some new toys so she always has something different to play with. I wish I knew years ago how wonderful Macaws can be, I would have started long ago.  I think some day when I have room I will HAVE to get another.

Any way, just wanted to touch base and let you know all is well and everyone is settled in at home.

Gabe R


July 2009
All is well here.  Claire goes outside with me for about twenty minutes at lunch time each day when the dogs go out to pee.  She seems to like it.  She has said   few more words,  called out Bikkos ( my half moon conure) and Johns name  and has done the wolf whistle a few times.   Although she and Sabrina still have not bonded  Sabrina  has said her first words!   Hello! Hello! Hello1  Hello! Hello ! Hello!  Five minutes non stop!  So that was cool.  

Denise H
August 14, 2012

Hi Caryn and Maria,

The boys have been with me for five months! I can not believe how time flies. I attached some photos of the "the flock" and a few pictures of Rupert as his feathers have grown in so well!
The boys jump on my finger, have gotten used to all the different perches and toys they get each week and even dive bomb me regardless of what room I am in- they just crack me up.

I sure hope you are having a great summer.
April 2013

Just a quick note to let you know Thor went to the vet on Tuesday and Dr. Putchat said that you did a great job keeping him healthy after what he went through.  Dr Putchat was in Florida for the past month working at Parrot Jungle, Sea World, and the Psittacine Research Center started by Dr. Richard Schubot (who, by the way was the one that got John interested in macaws in the first place).  He regularly travels back and fourth between his practice here and Florida to care for clients there.  He told John that Thor's health is as good as any of the performing parrots they have in Florida.  He was really surprised that with all the stress he went through in the past few months that he is as healthy as he is.  His feathers are beautiful, he is vocal and he loves to cuddle, all signs that he is adjusting well.  He said to congratulate you and to tell you that whatever you are doing to the birds to keep doing so that it will keep them in as good health as Thor.  He really is impressed with you guys.  So keep up the good work.  And in case we didn't say it enough thank you so much for letting Thor become part of our family we love him.  Even the dogs try to play with him.
Love and thanks.