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July 2009
I did end up clipping his wings.  It broke my heart to do it but it had an instant improvement on his temperament and he has behaved himself so well and has been so open to training since then it's great.

His past owners hadn't taught him step up or down or anything, but he's picking it up very well.  I'm working with a very standard routine which has helped a lot.  The first week he was so upset when I left for work but the last two weeks he's "got" that I'm going away but I'll be right back.  It works like this:

6:15, I get up (ugh).
6:30ish, Loki is out.  He gets a grape and to sit with me while I do my morning stuff on the computer for a -whole hour

7:45, Loki gets to play by himself on top of his cage while I get dressed.  His playing is mostly limited to looking outside of the window near his cage; I open the curtains on the window nearby only at this time.
8:00, he goes back into his cage (with NO FUSS) and gets a whole almond for being a good bird.  While he's scarfing it I change his food, etc., and he's distracted by all of that so much he doesn't even notice me leave for work!

6:30-7, I'm home again!  He's out with a grape for good behavior and his bedtime (8) although he doesnt get the cage covered until 8:30 when he's drowsy.  

Weekends I sleep in!  He is so good about that, too; Ally used to wake me up at 7:00 every day even on the weekends to uncover her cage, and I'd stagger back to bed.  Loki will let me sleep to 10 or even longer.

My roommate is virtually never home during his "out" times as she gets up later than me and gets home usually after 8.  He's still protecting me when he does see her but it's limited to alarm noises when he first sees her and then the duck clacks, which settle down when he realizes I'm not going anywhere. 

Lately he has been sleeping under my chin (he sleeps with his left claw on the top of his head or in his mouth, and leaning on his side!  I wish I could get a picture of this) and preening my hair. 

I moved around the inside of his cage a bit that first week so his swing could fit in better and added a second one as well.  He got used to it almost immediately and really prefers to sit on that swing whenever possible. I also switched out his snuggle hut with a brand new one today and he jumped right in to destroy it.  He loves chewing things up and his favorite new toy is a pinata chew toy.  Funny story: I picked the one he h as now up at Petco that first week for $17 and figured I could find one cleaper online.  So I ordered one from Windy City for $2 (a steal!) and it arrived.  I wish the catalog had said "real size."  The one from Petco is huge, almost 18 inches long, and the one from Windy City I could hide in my closed fist. Hysterical.  I think I'll give it to the budgies. 

I got him a few foot toys too and he's afraid of them and much prefers the buttons on all of my shirts.  One I thought he'd love was a plastic ball with holes so he could pick it up with a bell inside.  Perhaps he'll get used to it...  Or I'll sew a few of my spare buttons together and let him throw it around.  He likes undoing knots I make loosely out of rawhide. 

I was able to convince him to take a bath under a running tap twice, and the pic I sent was right after one of those times. But mostly he prefers to take a bath in his water dish about an hour after I leave for work (I finally figured this out when I stayed home once last week).  I haven't been able to get him to take a bath in a bowl of water or a mister; he really just likes his water dish.

When I finally introduced him to the budgies, he was interested only slightly and then began ignoring them.  The poor budgies.  It's like they are another bookshelf.  

I'm still experimenting with his likes and dislikes.  He'll eat pellets if they are grape flavored but ignores them otherwise.  Can't stand corn, banana, squash, cooked pasta, BREAD (omg!), or cranberries.  I don't get that about bread!  Loves cottage cheese but regurgitates it 2 minutes later (I tried this only twice).  He's okay with cooked rice but I think he was more interested in the lentils that were in the mix.  Fruit juice in small amounts is a win.  I have some blueberries and raspberries I picked up from Windy City that are dried that I'm going to try tonight.  He loves raw almonds and I'm using these as the "treat" for him; the vet said I can give him as many as he wants; right now he's at 2 a day (in pieces). 

He hates to see ME eating.  I have to put him back if I want to eat dinner.  He will run right up to my mouth and intercept the spoon/fork even if he hates everything I'm eating.  Bad manners!  I hope to work on this with him. 

Mostly he's a sweetheart :)  He's yet to draw blood although he does "play" rough with my fingers from time to time.  He's remarkably quiet for a conure. He had one screaming fit the first week but lately he knows what's going on, when I'll be there, and will only scream if he sees a bird outside the window he wants to warn away--or hear the neighbors wa lk in the door.  And then it's not a screaming fit, just a warning call. 

He's learned two new sounds already.  Both are kissing noises (one that's a soft "tap tap" like lips popping, which he repeats when I do it or in the morning as he gets up; and another thats a much louder--but still quiet!--single kissy sound that's entered into his vocabulary when he's vocalizing). I'm trying to figure out the trigger for the second sound so he'll do it on command but it's quite random at the moment. 

He aclimated very well to my room and I think I'm going to keep him in the bedroom rather than the main room.  It's quieter during the night, a bit less drafty, he couldn't care less about the budgies, and there's a window in my room that he adores. 

My camera is on the fritz (I'm sending it in for repairs) so I'm short on photos.  My mom did take several of him while she visited over Thanksgiving (he behaved himself!) so I'll forward a few when those arrive. 

I'm going to start clicker training with him next week.  He's been doing very well with voice commands (step up, step down, and poop) but I want to move beyond that now.



July 2009
My husband and I are so excited about Alex.   I just want to thank you so much for helping us get the ideal bird.  You were so right about us waiting for the right bird.

We are going to provide a great loving home for him. We have been doing research on how to care for him and have adapted our lifestyle for him.  My husband and I have decided that it's healthy for us, too.

We threw out all of our chemicals that we had in the house and other hazardous materials that are harmful to Alex and to us.

And we are eating more and more fruits and veggies (we always did) but now are eating more.  We just want to make it habit now before Alex comes home.

It's so weird because if you hear us talk about Alex, you would think we are talking about a child.

Shay and Rich are wonderful people.

Thanks, again for all your help.

Lisa C

July 2009
Ecto is doing great, he is getting lots of out of the cage time and attention.  He is eating fine and playing with his string toy.  He visits the other cages from time to time.

The most earth shattering thing happened with him last night. He actually took 3 pieces of cookie from my hand AND ate them! Wow was I shocked and ecstatic at the same time.

Maybe, just maybe some day he will let me touch him.

Till later
Veronica & Flock

She LOVES watermelon. THATíS what made her like me. When I fed her some she bite my hands and licked up the juice and stuff. I keep feeding her lots of different things by hand. She loves that. She loves paper towels too. I had one in my hand when I fed her the melon and she looked like she wanted it. She took it and tore it up. She had so much fun! She likes the paper towel tube too!

Yesterday I went to bird paradise and bought her a new perch for her cage and a rope hanger thing that has a ball at the end. Its made of like palm fiber stuff. She liked that too. I canít stop messing around with her. She loves to play on the corner of her cage under the bar. So far she only bit me like 2  times that actually hurt. But I know when she is on her cage door she is being fresh and doesnít like to play there at all. =o)

Thanks again for recommending me. She will be happy here and I know I will love and care for her like a baby. Thatís what sheís like, a little puppy!


July 2009
Bird seems to be settling in well. On her cage she is almost always very gentle and likes to play with me. Rich said she is not fond of women and dogs. So far she seems interested in both LOL. She hasnít lunged at my dogs and seemed to be interested in my wife each time she talked to her. I am trying to have my kids and wife feed her small things to see if sheíll take them. As with everything I go slow and let Bird decides what she can do. She loves the play gym thing I have. I can see it may not last a long time. I made it out of Birch, Maple and Beech branches. She has already shown interest in chomping the birch. She likes to shake it to make the bells make noise. From there I did get her to step up for me twice but she still seemed nervous so I wonít try again for a while. She loves to preen my finger nails and wrestle on her cage top and there she puts her feet up on my hand like she wants to step up but I donít push it. Itís only been two days really and already I can see how sweet she is. Like a little puppy. =o) Playful but still pushing what she can get away with. Weíll be great friends I think. Oh and besides some little squawks and mumbles she is pretty quiet. So far no REALLY loud yells and never anything constant. Itís goodÖ sheís letting my wife get used to it slowly. I am sure sheíll get a little louder as she gets more comfortable being here. =o)

Nikko aka Boogie Bird

July 2009
Boogie Bird (now known as Nikko) is doing great and learning more words every day.  She is a very happy little bird.  She still is shy about being handled but she does suprise me sometimes by flying to the floor from her cage and then walking to where I am.  My daughter fell in love with her and is thinking about adopting a Grey of her own.  She lives in the other half of the home.

Again ... thank you so much for bringing her into our lives ... we all love her.

Take care and God bless.

Patti S.


July 2009
Sunshine is doing great! She loves the girls. We had her out of the cage this morning and she stepped up very easily. We put her on the play area on the DR table while we had breakfast. My younger daughter also put the Enya cd on her iPod for her. She likes music!

She is adjusting very well.

Bluberry Pied

July 2009
I thought I'd send along a couple of pictures of our little adoptee parakeet.  I think you folks called him Pablo.  Since his feather pattern is Pied, I think, we named him Bluberry Pied and we call him "Blue".  He has moved out of his own cage and now resides in the cage with Shamrock, our little yellow/green guy.  They are getting along famously.  Blue has actually been out of the cage to fly around several times...and today for the first time...he actually flew back to the cage all by himself and went into it.  Yay!!!  He is still a bit skittish with us and still won't step onto our hands. 

Meg M

August 2009

Hi Shaw,

Itís has been a pleasure having Jersey!! Somehow he is a ladyís bird, he only whistles at females, not to me. He loves my daughter Tiffany and my wife Jane. The other day, he was on top of the cage, he jumped on Janeís shoulder. Put him back on top of the cage, he flew down on the floor and followed her to the kitchen.

Although Iím the one that takes of him, he loves to nip my fingers and wants me to scratch his head. We love the way he just drop his head down, when he wants his head pet or scratch.

Heís been eating only seeds, but I crashed some of the pellets and he only ate a little of it. He also ate a little piece of breads.

We trying to teach him one or two words in Chinese, but somehow we canít made out what he is saying.
He is very quiet not as loud as other birds. We loving having him. Thank you again. He truly is an ďamazing GuyĒ.!!!

August 2009

The white-faced cockateil is, Domino, adopted from WOH in June 2009.  He is doing very well.  He is smart, friendly and enjoying life in Lumberton, NJ.   He resides with his other friends adopted from WOH, Hooter, Ralphie.  They love all kinds of toys esp. homemade ones that include cheerios!  They love to shred paper and are quite the chatterboxes.  Thanks for our little buddies.

September 2009

Hello Ophelia, Judy,

It has become one week since Buddy came to our house.

Buddy is fine.  We take him out from the cage everyday for several hours and he is enjoying doing many things with us on our shoulders.  He is a great singer! He sings beautifully along with the music on radio!  We found he loves to be scratched his head and neck.  One more thing we found was that he loves children! A little boy of next door came to play in our house and as soon as Buddy saw him, Buddy got crazy and he chased the boy.  I assume Buddy's previous owner was a kid...

I'll keep reporting how he is doing once in a while!


October 2009

Domino is a great addition to our family. He still has trust issues but is getting better. He love my daughter, she seems to be the only one he will go to. We purchased a much larger cage, he has more room to play.he loves chewing his wooden toys till they are gone. We have him spoiled a bit, we only give him food from the Bird paradise, so now he just eats fruits and veggies and nuts.He is very picky with his food, the things he doesn't is thrown on the floor. We also got him a play station, he chewed off the ladders but figured out how to get down. He loves walking on the floor, We also have to share some of our food with him, when we are eating we have to give him walnuts or almonds so he can (eat) with the family.

Thanks so much Wings of hope for our Domino. He is in his forever home. We love him so much


Meika and Ole Bear

November 2009

Hello, I just wanted to say that I have had the best experienced with your organization.  My first encounter was with Liz she was really nice and helpful  but when I meet Carol,  I must say Carol is amazing.  She took so much time to tell me about the birds.  I never felt rushed, there were no interruptions in the interview. She also let me spend time with the bird alone as well.  I also love the way she has her area set up for her birds.  She is very neat, cages very well kept and away from other animals that can be distracting such as dogs.  The funny thing is that her birds all listen to her when she speaks to them. I was so amazed by this.   She also is so creative with the toys that she makes for the birds. The hardest part of taking the birds, was taking them from her, she loved them very much.  I am sure she cried.   She has a great rapport with her birds.  Seeing the way she handles her birds, it has made me consider in trying to foster as well.  She makes it look easy.

I have to say, I really wish I could have adopted Sammy.  I still would love to have had him . There is some sense of disappointment in regards to Sammy. Maybe if  his foster situation would have been different I would not have had any reservation. It was pretty hard to make a really good choice.   When I did decide to take him, I then started to  think carefully about it and said no.   I was told my husband and I had to put him in the carrier to take him home and that kind of made me change my mind because Sammy in no way would have let me do that, especially since I was told that even his foster couldn't really even go into the cage only with the help of another person. This bird wasn't even approachable, imagine trying to take him to the vet let alone trying to get him into a carrier. But again, I don't believe this is really his behavior I could be wrong. And if I am wrong, then I am the one that lost out on a really wonderful bird that I wanted so badly.

If Sammy were to have been with Carol, he may have been calmer and I would not have had any reservations in adopting him at all.  But unfortunately that was not the case.  With that said, I have adopted 2 wonderful birds. I cannot tell you how happy I am with them.  My family just loves them.  Meika has taken to my son and husband so quickly.  She is already mimicking the sounds that he makes.  Ole Bear is wonderful, I have made a sling for him that  attaches  him to me while I do my house work. He just stays there quietly.  I am not sure if he is a bird,   LOL.   He has already gone out with me to visit my daughter.  Everyone is amazed by Ole Bear.

Thank you so much.



January 2010

Hi all,
I adopted Chuckles U2 about 6 years ago from Wings of Hope.  She is 23 or 24 years old.   She continues to be the life of the party.  As soon as she hears music she immediately starts to dance and sing" rock and roll,  rock and roll." She always tells us what a "pretty bird" she is.  If she wants attention she yells, "hey bird." She is by far the friendliest bird in the family.  The only one she ever bites is me when I'm wearing glasses and reading.  Don't know why....has to be something in her past. She rules the roost in the bird room.  She thinks knowing of going after my macaws if she wants attention.  We try and tell her their beaks are bigger.   She was a plucker when we got her.  She stopped years ago, but, still has a bare chest, legs and some around her shoulders.  She lays an egg once a year.  She loves to take showers.  She opens her wings and sings.  She rings her bell in her cage.  She doesn't really chew her toys in her cage, but, let her see some woodwork and she is there.  I have 3 granddaughters and once a year she goes to school.  The kids love her.

She truly is a gift.



February 2010

We just want to report that our Macaw Trooper is doing great, he immediately opened up to us and loves to cuddle. He is very happy to have his head and under his wings scratched which is a great sign of trust. He loves being out of his cage and exploring the house and interacting with our dogs. Trooper has opened up his vocabulary and loves to dance and sing! He loves taking showers and thinks he is king of the house. We are so happy that we could add such a beautiful kind bird to our family, thank you, wings of hope!
January 9, 2011

Dear Wings Of Hope Staff and Volunteers

I would like to express my gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation to your members during my adoption process. The first verification process set the tone. Shay was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable on the phone. She was quick to respond by email and answered every question sincerely. Caryn (Foster Mom) followed up quickly and get a date. She was very sweet on the phone and explained the birds she was fostering. She again promptly followed up with an email.

My son and I were welcomed into Carynís home during a very busy time of year. We were very thankful for her promptness and hospitality, since our own bird had died three weeks earlier. Caryn and another staff member Kerri explained the birds diet and temperament. They also were nice enough to refer me to a local pet shop. ( This was a great reference and the store even exceeded my expectations).

Caryn promptly followed up with emails, and even referred me to a Vet in the area. She made me feel as comfortable as if I was her  family or friend.

The children and myself are completely thankful for the new addition to our family! We love our new feathered companion Scout! From beginning to end I was amazed at the professionalism, support, kindness and
knowledge. We are already looking forward to another adoption from Wings of Hope. Thank you again for changing our lives!

Your Newest Supporters
Barb, Bay, Belle and Beck