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Surrendering Information

Placing A Bird With Us
If you are reading this page then you have already come to the difficult decision to give up your beloved pet for whatever reason that may be beyond your control. We understand that it was not easy for you to make this decision. You probably have been struggling with the "what ifs." What if the new owners cannot provide for my bird? What if the new owners cannot tolerate my bird's habits good and bad? What if the new owners do not have the patience for my bird? And the most terrifying thought is... What if the new owners do not love my bird enough or resell him or her?

We gladly give the owners as much information about us and how we operate, as they would like. They have a right to know all about the organization that promises to forever take good care of their beloved pet. We also supply references and encourage people to check those references. Anyone can say they have references. It is your job as the bird's owner to check those references to make sure they are legitimate. There is nothing wrong in asking what a bird rescue plans to do with your bird and how qualified they are. Ask many questions to make sure the rescue organization has experience and the means to properly care for your bird.

We at Wings of Hope-NJ Inc. do our best to make this decision as comfortable as possible. We interview the owners placing their bird over the phone. We gather any and all information about their bird and the lifestyle he or she is used to. We find out what brought them to the point of having to part with their bird. If it is a situation that can be rectified to where they are able to keep their bird, provide the best of care and not place their bird into our rescue, then we give guidance. If there is no other solution, but placing their bird in a new home, then we make this as comfortable on the owners and the birds as we can.

Once you are ready to place your bird with us, we then decide whom the best Foster Home would be to take in your bird. All our foster homes have signed contracts with us. We want to make sure the owner is comfortable with their bird's temporary owner, our Foster Home.

The organization will always watch over the care of these birds and the Foster Homes understand that they are responsible for the birds in their care. The birds must remain with a volunteer so that Wings of Hope-NJ Inc. can monitor their care and well being until adoption. Once the bird is adopted to his or her loving, longtime home (who have also signed a contract prohibiting breeding, selling, neglecting, or giving away the bird), we follow up with the new adoptive family. If all goes well, and the bird and new home are happy, the adoption is finalized. If there is any problem what so ever, Wings of Hope-NJ Inc. will ALWAYS take one of our birds back, no questions asked.

If you are interested in our Screened With Love Program, please download the "Screened With Love" Acquisition Form.

They may also be faxed or mailed to us at the above contacts.
If you have any questions, or if you would like additional information about surrendering, please call Wings of Hope-NJ at (732) 833-7825, or email us at Surrender@wingsofhope-nj.com.

Even if you decide not to go through one of our programs we would like to offer you this General Owner Tips Sheet to help you screen potential applicants and find the best new home possible for your beloved pet.

If you are interested in surrendering one of your animals, please complete the surrender application by downloading the printable form [PDF Format] or downloading the printable form [WORD Format] or filling out our Online Form.

Our printed surrender application is done in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need that on your computer to open and print this file. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat you can download it for free.
Once you complete the application, please return to:
Wings of Hope
via fax at:
(706) 219-3573
or mail to:
PO Box 22, Cleveland, GA 30528

You will be contacted shortly by one of our volunteers to discuss
our programs available to you.