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Special Thanks
Many thanks to Lisa of Fin, Fur and Feathers in Flemington NJ. for donating the space to WOH for us to spread the word about our organization and bird adoption.

Many thanks to Leesa, the other half of Wings of Hope-NJ; I've finally found someone as crazy as I am. Thank You.

Many thanks to E. Nelson, Attorney-at-law, for being the consulting attorney to Wings of Hope-NJ.

Farmingdale Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Schreiber for being our consulting clinic for WOH-NJ.

Dr. Briggs of Ocean County Veterinary Hospital for being one of our consulting vets for WOH-NJ.

Dr. Levine of Toms River Veterinary Hospital for being one of our consulting vets for WOH-NJ.

Brian, Rose, and Jo for being our board members, and the voices of reason, when needed.

Thanks to Ami for the donation of the Kings cage, it is greatly appreciated, and came at such an amazing time of need.

Thanks to Rosita for the donation of cages, toys and supplies.

Thanks to "My Pets Place" in Howell, NJ for their generous discount on merchandise.

Many thanks to Linda for organizing the Partylite fundraiser that benefited WOH-NJ Inc. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

Thanks to the volunteers and foster homes at WOH-NJ Inc., for without you, none of this would be possible.

To those who contributed and donated, you shall remain nameless, but know who you are, Thank You so very much.

Gretel, who used to do help with our website. THANK YOU!!

Jannet, without you... all of this wonderful madness would not have been possible. Regards, ~~~~Leesa~~~~

Many thanks to Mary at ParrotPlay for her donation of toys for the rescue FIDS.

Many special thanks to Donna at Parrots at Play for allowing WOH-NJ to participate with their calendar fundraiser.

Many thanks to Steve of Crazy Birds for the AWESOME toys from the Expo. We look forward to working with you again.

Many Thanks to the following companies for their generous donations for our adoption kits: Sun Seed, Zupreem, Zeiglers, Lafeber, Brisky's Pet Products, Roudybush, The Hartz Mountain Corporation, and Steve at Crazy Bird (again).

Many thanks to Bob Rau and the Petco Foundation for their extremely generous donation. It is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to Joe and Mary's Parrot Place.

Many thanks to Marci and Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue.

Many thanks to Luna and Renee from Ratta Muffin Rat Reskue.

Thank you to Kind Heart Rescue for their generous donation.

Many thanks to Kevin and Desiree of Staten Island Pet Supply formerly "YOU PET A BELIEVE IT, Inc." for their extremely generous donation of $1000.00 of toys and supplies.

Many thanks to Kathy J. for her generous donation of beautiful parrot jewelry and animal jewelry.

Many thanks to Paul and Amanda W. for your ongoing support of Wings of Hope.

Many thanks to Castle Enterprises (Lori & Henry Castle) for graciously donating the space to WOH for us to spread the word about our organization and exchange merchandise for donations on Saturday, October 29, 2005 at the Host Resort in Lancaster, PA. Please see Castle Enterprises website at: www.petbirdshows.com for more information.

Many thanks to Vo-Toys for their generous donation.

Many thanks to Lorraine A for her generous donation.

Many thanks to Michelle Benedict for her donation to our Special Needs fund.

Many gracious thanks to Parrots at Play for their continuing support.

Many thanks to Michael Sprague for his donation to our Special Needs fund.

To Geoff for his AMAZING donation of thousands of dollars worth of toys.  Your generosity will never be forgotten.

To Hartz Mountain Corporation for your donation.

To The Petco Foundation for your ongoing support.

Thanks to FBC for allowing us to use their facility to store our trailer for the last year, as well as their ongoing help in removing it.  Your generosity is much appreciated.

Many thanks to the Chang family for their extremely generous donation